Pfannenberg’s Signaling Solutions Provide Efficient, Safer Environment for Overhead Cranes

Modern Industrial Audible and Visual Signaling devices that preserve lives and prevent injuries are vital for critical Industrial Safety!

The Challenge…

One of the largest independent rail car repair shop networks in North America wanted to create a safer environment for their employees. They needed a way to alert workers to the presence of their 25-Ton overhead cranes as they moved near their work area. They approached their material handling partner to help them create a safer environment.

The Solution…

Having had experience with Pfannenberg signaling products the material handling company presented the customer with a  PATROL PA 10 and a PYRA PY X-M-10 to go on each of their two overhead cranes. The recommendation for two devices is to offer a visual and audible warning as the cranes are in motion.

To ensure the best solution, our PATROL PA 10 audible alarm was chosen because it offers the ability to produce 80 different alarm tones with 4 stages. A unique tone was chosen for each crane so the workers can distinguish one from the other without being distracted from their work.  This creates not only a safer environment, but also a more efficient one.

After the horns and strobes were installed, their customer offered the following:

“We currently have two 25 Ton bridge Cranes at our facility, it is a very loud and has low visibility. Our workers were having a hard time seeing the cranes move and also could not hear them either. Pfannenberg’s lights and sounders were recommende to be installed on our cranes as an audio/visual warning system so our workers would be aware of the crane movement. This system has accomplished this task.” – Rail Repair Shop

Pfannenberg is proud to increase Industrial Safety with its robust, field-proven, visual and audible signaling devices for alarm, warning, and indication.

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Pfannenberg Offers Vibration-Resistant, Shockproof Flashing Lights & Sounders

Pfannenberg’s PATROL, PYRA and DS series Flashing Lights and Sounders meet the highest standards in terms of impact and vibration-resistance in a range of different protection classes. These devices have passed vibration tests conducted under DNV-GL guidelines. DNV-GL certification assures the operators of our signaling devices that they are of the highest quality and reliability.

Product Advantages

Outstanding impact and vibration-resistance
Our DNV-GL-certified signaling devices are impervious to vibration, jarring and impact. Their PCB components are attached very firmly to prevent damage from vibration. Furthermore, they are fitted with metal brackets which absorb or attenuate oscillation and vibration.

Higher resistance to impact and shock
In heavy industry or logistics, for example, signaling devices are exposed to particularly high levels of mechanical stress. For applications in these and other challenging areas, we offer DNV-GL certified signaling devices which also have IK08 protection classification. Even without a protective cage, they resist high levels of mechanical stress and are guaranteed to function reliably at all times.

Dust and water resistant, UV-stable, heat tolerant and frost proofed
Many of our DNV-GL-certified signaling devices are equipped with other features such as aluminum housing and have high protection classifications such as IP 66 or IP 67 which means that they are impervious to strong jets of water and short periods of immersion in water and to aggressive media. All this qualifies them for use in particularly challenging conditions.

Easy and safe planning: Pfannenberg Sizing Software PSS
Our Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS) is a cost-free and very user-friendly tool which delivers an immediate and informed recommendation on devices, avoiding expensive over-specification and risky under-specification at the planning stage or in a review of the configuration.

Immediately see device performance for a given space: Pfannenberg 3D Coverage
Our signaling devices are outstandingly efficient. The 3D-Coverage planning method along with the Pfannenberg Sizing Software provides reliable values for the length, width and height of the area guaranteed to be covered by the signal in relation to different environmental conditions.

Application Examples

Automotive Industry (production conveyors, painting lines, engine test benches…)

PATROL Flashing sounders
Visual-audible signaling devices for start-up warnings and malfunction indicators. Highly effective with optimized sound emission and Xenon technology. The light intensity adjusts to any sound level. 10 year guarantee.

Packaging (conveyors, sorting and filling systems, packaging systems…)

DS Series Sounders
Robust signaling devices with die-cast aluminum housing for start-up warnings and reliable indication of malfunctions with a particularly high level of ambient noise. 32 selectable basic tones, 10 year guarantee.

Mechanical Engineering (printing and paper, processing machines, machine tools…)

PYRA Flashing Lights
Xenon technology for high light intensity and excellent perception even of blue light signals to indicate material supply status. Impact resistant and dust proof housing. 10 year guarantee.

Logistics (loading ramps, moveable racks, distribution centers, traffic control…)

DS Series Sounders
Multipurpose hazard warning for use in tough indoor and outdoor environments. Cold resistant, suitable for temperature alerts in cold stores. Very good penetration of acoustic barriers such as walls and doors. 10 year guarantee.

Docks / Shipyards / Ships ( on board, loading cranes, harbor facilities… )

PATROL Flashing Sounders
Visual-audible signaling devices for warning of gas or fire alerts on board ship. Extremely broad spectrum of frequencies for very good penetration of acoustic barriers such as walls and doors. Tones for every area of application in any country. 10 year guarantee.

Bulk Goods (silos, belt and conveyors, bulk containers, sorting and cleaning systems…)

PATROL Sounders
Powerful audible signaling devices with impact resistant, dust-proof housing with protection from strong jets of water. Extremely broad spectrum of frequencies for excellent penetration of acoustic barriers such as walls and doors. 10 year guarantee.

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Pfannenberg’s Visual and Audible Signaling Devices prove their quality through the most stringent testing and under the harshest conditions presented by everyday operations in industry.

Pfannenberg offers a wide range of DNV-GL-certified signaling devices to offer companies in every sector of industry greater protection for man, machine and the environment.

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Drinktec 2017: Pfannenberg to exhibit for the first time

Pfannenberg, the specialist for industrial thermal management solutions and signaling technology will be exhibiting for the first time at Drinktec, the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry to be held in Munich from 11 to 15 September 2017.

Pfannenberg will be at stand 138 in Hall B3 showing tough, efficient thermal management solutions and signaling technology for the beverage and liquid food industry.

Visitors will be able to see the latest signaling technology and thermal management solutions for the food and beverage industry at stand 138 in Hall B3. Exhibits will include cooling units with corrosion resistant stainless-steel covers and robust signaling devices with high IP classifications. These products are designed for the toughest environments and are therefore suitable for use where liquids are processed and in production systems which require frequent cleaning.

A demo stainless-steel cabinet demonstrating these features will show a NEMA cooling unit, an air/water heat exchanger including a water jet test, a DTT top-mount cooling unit, a stainless steel rainhood and filterfans in stainless steel design.

“Food production places great demands on manufacturing technology. Our efficient, reliable and tough cooling and signaling technology guarantees maximum machine availability in the fast-cycling and highly dynamic processes in the food and beverage industry, starting with raw material processing through manufacture and quality control to packaging,” explains Annarita Amadei, Industry Group Manager Food and Beverage at Pfannenberg.

IoT-enabled packaged solution
The communication-enabled cooling units in the εCool X series that will be exhibited are ideal for companies wanting to make their production fit for Industry 4.0 and at the same time improve machine availability. These thermal management solutions for electrical enclosures can be integrated directly in the user’s automation systems. If required, they can also provide relevant device parameters via the Cloud for remote maintenance. Users benefit from customized maintenance, cost-efficient service and better machine availability thanks to preventative maintenance.

Reliable cooling
Modern production systems such as filling lines are usually permanently in operation. The cooling units and filterfans from Pfannenberg are fitted with IP 56 housing and corrosion-proof stainless-steel covers which makes them the optimum solution for the economical cooling of electrical enclosure technology.

Exhibits at Drinktec will include the new compact 6301C cooling units from the εCool 6000 series. Their power, and their compact design in particular, make them suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Despite their space-saving design they offer the same energy efficiency, service friendliness and cut-out compatibility as the standard models: they cut energy consumption compared to traditional cooling devices by up to 43%, with a further 10% reduction in standby operation.

Tailor-made process cooling
In particularly sensitive areas of food and drink manufacture, the maintenance-free air to water heat exchangers and the EB series industrial chillers allow economic system solutions which work independently of the ambient air. Typical areas of application are filling lines and packaging systems. Pfannenberg chillers – with cooling capacities from 3.2 to 148.8 kW – cool sophisticated electronic systems. Both standard ready to-use units and fully customized ones can be provided.

This will be demonstrated at Drinktec with the EB 95 WT. Starting from the compactly designed, highly efficient and easy to service standard unit, this chiller can be equipped with several additional features to match specific applications.

For example, all devices can be equipped with a hydraulic bypass, a SMP55 controller with error messages panel and a ASI communication module enables the unit to be integrated the in the customer’s system. The EB devices are UL certified and can be used at ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +45 °C. All chillers in the range allow users to benefit from lower energy and operating costs, space-saving installation, high reliability and long machine life.

Robust signaling technology
Signaling-2.jpgWith high levels of ambient noise, the manufacture of beverages and liquid food makes serious demands on signaling technology. The status of packaging, laser inscription or filling machines and lines must be permanently displayed so that response times can be optimized and costly downtime minimized. Warning lights and acoustic alarms must signal hazards, risks or technical faults immediately, even in the vicinity of noisy conveyors operating at full capacity. Against this background, combinations of visual and audible signaling devices are the best choice.

Signaling technology suitable for operation in production environments such as these will be exhibited:

  • The BR 50 stacklights: This device is of a modular construction and uses sound and flashing, blinking or solid lights to signal statuses and dangerous situations reliably
  • The QUADRO and LED-HI multi function lights
  • the PYRA sounder/flashing light combinations
  • the PATROL and DS sounders

All of which are suitable for use in the demanding conditions of the drink and liquid food industry, will also be exhibited.

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Pfannenberg Signaling and Alarm Infographic for Plant Safety

Do all your alarms sound the same? Did you take into account your plant’s ambient light and sound levels or area to be alarmed when you planned your signaling strategy?

With up to 800,000 workers every day suffering a work-related accident (worldwide), the answer to these questions are crucial to ensuring the best plant safety.

As part of the National Safety Month, Pfannenberg is releasing a Signaling Infographic to help you understand how an effective alarm system helps to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.


Visual and audible signaling solutions from Pfannenberg help protect personnel from dangerous and life-threatening situations and narrow the risk gap associated with hazardous process systems and machinery.

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Pfannenberg is proud to increase Industrial Safety with its robust, field-proven, visual and audible signaling devices for alarm, warning, and indication. Our business philosophy – Protecting Man, Machine and the Environment.

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Pfannenberg Industrial Alarms light up your Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Pfannenberg!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day our engineering and marketing teams collaborated to create this fun light up heart display using our BR 50 Signal Towers (stack lights) Check out the video here. Our signaling solutions help to protect you and your loved ones.

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Pfannenberg industrial alarms with visual and audible notifications come with a standard 10-Year Warranty, guaranteed in protecting man, machine, and the environment.

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Pfannenberg Quadro-LED-Hi : New Multifunctional Light for Industrial Applications

The NEW Quadro-LED-Hi visual alarm device is used to notify of hazardous situations and to indicate the status or fill level of machines and systems. Possible application areas include the operation of industrial machines and systems, building safety and controlling traffic on factory premises. The optical signals of the lights are created with LEDs delivering a high level of luminous efficiency.
Thanks to robust mechanical construction and categorization in high protection classes (IP 66, IP 67 and IK08), the Quadro-LED-Hi is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Modular in design and multi-functional, these visual alarms are cost-effective, versatile and powerful signaling solutions.
“The Quadro-LED-Hi has everything an industrial light needs: not only a high light intensity but also wide coverage area thanks to its well-thought-out design. Furthermore, it is extremely robust. Neither aggressive environmental conditions nor driving rain, or condensation can effect its performance. With many functions and combination options, industrial companies can cover a wide range of applications with one flexible lighting solution which can be adapted to their requirements,” says Carsten Hippler, Signaling Product Sales Manager at Pfannenberg.
Powerful signaling

The luminosity of the Quadro-LED-Hi can be adjusted up to 75 cd. However, luminosity is not a sufficient measure of the effectiveness of a signaling device.

The actual coverage area under real environmental conditions is much more decisive and this has been shown for the first time with Pfannenberg’s 3D Coverage Approach. This takes account of factors such as the type of alert and the positioning of the device.

This method indicates that, used with a clear cover, the signaling coverage of the Quadro-LED-Hi is as follows (width/height/depth):

  • Information applications – 49.5 m x 47.5 m x 36 m
  • Warning applications – 22 m x 21 m x 16 m
  • Alerting applications 11 m x 10.5 m x 8 m

Versatile in use

Users can adjust the operating modes of the LED light at any time within a flexible range of options: continuous blinking frequencies at 1 Hz /2 Hz and flashing frequencies at 0.1Hz / 0.5 Hz / 0.75 Hz / 1 Hz /2 Hz. The Quadro-LED-Hi is even more versatile used with a multi-voltage power pack. There is a 24 V variant with a functional range of 11 V to 60 V (DC) and a 230 V variant with a functional range of 90 V to 253 V (AC) at 50/60 Hz. The lights are also equipped with an inrush current limiter. The Quadro-LED-Hi is designed for ambient temperatures ranging from –40 °F to +130 °F.

Pfannenberg industrial alarms with visual and audible notifications come with a standard 10-Year Warranty, guaranteed in protecting man, machine, and the environment.

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New Datasheet: PYRA Flashing Strobe Lights, Modern alarms for Industrial Hazards

Pfannenberg range of PYRA Flashing Strobe Lights and Sounders are the best solution for many applications worldwide. Due to the large signaling coverage provided by Pfannenberg’s alarms, the amount of signaling devices required is significantly reduced. This supports an application that is economical while ensuring industrial safety.

PYRA range of Flashing Strobe Lights and Sounders includes:

PY X-S-05 Flashing Lights

  • Visible field of 180° x 360°
  • 60 flashes per minute
  • Separate control of horn and strobe
  • Low-profile design
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Fast, easy and safe to install

PY X-M Flashing Lights

  • Visible field of 180° x 360°
  • 8,000,000 flashes life
  • Adjustable flash rate
  • Automatic flash sync of multiple units
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Fast, easy and safe to install

PY X-MA Flashing sounders

  • 8 pre-programmed tones
  • Adjustable flash rate
  • Automatic flash sync of multiple units
  • Separate control of horn and strobe
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Fast, easy and safe to install

>> Ask us about our NEW 15 JOULES PYRA L coming in 2017!


Pfannenberg’s PYRA visual and audible signaling devices offer extensive certifications including UL and CE in support of worldwide requirements. They also include a standard 10-Year Warranty, guaranteed to protect man, machine and the environment.


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Pfannenberg is proud to increase Industrial Safety with its robust, field-proven, visual and audible signaling devices for alarm, warning, and indication. Our business philosophy – Protection for man, machine and the environment.


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PATROL & PYRA Industrial alarms: Technically advanced devices which exceeds requirements

With innovative design and robust construction to fulfill the most demanding requirements, Pfannenberg PATROL & PYRA® Visual and Audible Signaling Devices are the best choice for industrial safety.


Pfannenberg PATROL & PYRA® Industrial alarms meet the requirements of IP rating protection as well as having an impact-proof housing. In addition, the base connection terminals, undetachable seals and quick locking elements greatly facilitate easy mounting.



Unique enclosure fasteners
• 3/8-turn fasteners for quick and easy assembly. (1)
• Captive fasteners: installation and assembly are simplified and screws cannot get lost.
• Optional tamper-proof fastener plugs protect the unit from alterations.
• Fastener design shows whether “closed” (x) or “open” (+).
IP 66 enclosure rating
• Gasket is permanently sealed to the enclosure cover. (2)
• Enclosure fasteners are outside of the sealing area to ensure that the IP rating is not compromised by fastener holes. (1)
Error-free electrical connections
• Screw terminal strip is located in the base-box portion of the enclosure allowing easy, one person installation – a third hand is not needed. (3)
• Acoustic driver electrically connected to the base-box through an integrated mechanical key way and multi-pin electrical connector to ensure proper assembly every time. (4) (5)
• Knockouts are provided on multiple sides to support a variety of wiring and interconnection scenarios.
Numerous mounting options
• Integrated external flange is stronger than mounting lugs. (6)
• An assortment of internal pilot marks offer worldwide compatibility with a variety of standard electrical work boxes. (7)
• Entire device can be wall mounted or panel mounted optional with finger guard. (8)
• Acoustic module by itself can be flush mounted to an enclosure panel. (9)
Vast selection of integrated tones
• Choose from 80 different tones by a DIP switch setting. (10)
• Multiple tone stages permit the same device to emit up to four different alarms based on circumstance + internal volume control.
Improved acoustic driver
• Sound capsule technology delivers more low frequency punch than piezoelectric elements for superior sound penetration through walls, doors, and other obstructions.
Extreme environment compatibility
• NEMA type 4/4X and IP 66 rating withstands exposure to dust, liquids, water spray, and corrosives.
• –40 to +55 °C temperature range.
• High strength housing is a blend of ABS and poly carbonate plastic that is flame retardant and UV stabilized.
Integrated xenon flashing light
• Xenon flashing light is part of the original design inception, rather than a bolted on afterthought. As such, the light is more visible. Additionally, the light’s intensity is properly sized to match the coverage area of the associated sounder. 5, 10, and 15 Joule flash energies are available. (11)
Xenon flashing light connections made from single terminal strip
• Pre-wired light connections are made at the terminal strip that is also the electrical connection point for the sounder. Since all connections are made from one common connection point, installation is quicker and easier. (12)
Choice of alarm action – combined or separate
• The light can either be activated in conjunction with the sounder or separately from it. Separate operation is often desired to silence the sounder after a certain elapsed time while the light continues to flash. (13)
Life span exceeds 8,000,000 flashes
• The superior technology behind Pfannenberg’s flashing lights permit an unrivaled life span of 8,000,000 flashes while retaining greater than 70 % light emission.
Worldwide certifications for universal acceptance
• UL, cUL, CE, VdS, GL, EN 54-3.



Quick, easy, and safe installation. Saves time and reduces costs. Potential errors are eliminated and incorrect assembly is not possible.










Pfannenberg industrial alarms with visual and audible notifications come with a standard 10-Year Warranty, guaranteed in protecting man, machine, and the environment.

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Pfannenberg’s design excellence for its Signaling Solutions is internationally recognized and has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2013 for PATROL and in 2015 for PYRA-MA.

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Pfannenberg Signaling Alarms Notify Personnel and Community of Chlorine Gas Leak

Chlorine Gas Detection Alarm System Works as Designed

In 2015 Pfannenberg provided signaling notification appliances (alarm horns and strobes) to the North Tonawanda Wastewater Treatment Facility as part of their new Gas Detection Alarm System. On the evening of Tuesday, September 13, 2016 there was a very small chlorine gas leak. Pfannenberg’s PATROL Signaling Alarms were triggered through the system notifying plant personnel and surrounding area. The alarms could heard up to a mile away from the facility.

>> All clear given following chlorine leak (VIDEO)

Even though the leak was very minor, everyone was pleased to know that the system worked as specified, providing adequate warning. Hopefully there will never be a larger leak, but if there were then it is reassuring to know that the personnel and community will have plenty of advanced warning to the potential hazard.

Click Here to check out our case study about this project.

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Pfannenberg Signaling Devices Help Protect the World Largest Cruise Ship

Photo source: Royal Carribean Press Center

‘Harmony of the Seas’, the World Largest Cruise Ship ordered by Royal Carribbean and constructed by STX France is finally ready to host its first passengers, after 36 months construction. As the only MED Certified Signaling Device manufacturer we are pleased that STX chose Pfannenberg’s PATROL Signaling Devices to be installed on this sea giant.Innovative attractions such as the highest sea slide have been designed for the 6,700 passengers that can accommodate this 1,187 ft long and 230 ft high floating city as “The Ultimate Abyss”.

The ship also features 20 restaurants, 23 swimming pools, many shops, a mini golf, surfing simulators, a ‘Central Park’ with 10,000 plants and a theater with 1,400 seats!

The best technologies will also be used on the ship such as a bionic bar, RFID wrist bands, iPad check in and high-speed internet which will definitely change the way we enjoy vacations at sea.

Royal Carribbean crew members and passengers can also count on Pfannenberg’s best Signaling Technology for their onbard protection with our 200 PATROL Signaling Devices already installed in various areas of the ship.

These MED Certified, modern, visual and audible signaling devices are used in all technical areas of the ship such as utility rooms, kitchens, storage rooms and machine rooms. Pfannenberg’s PATROL Signaling devices will ensure the 6,700 passengers’ safety against fire and CO2 threats.

Pfannenberg PATROL range of Signaling devices include a standard 10-Year Warranty, guaranteed to protect man, machine and the environment:

PATROL Sounders – versatile audible alarms:

  • 80 pre-programmed tones, up to 4 different even
  • Superior sound penetration and coverage
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Fast, easy and safe to install
  • Can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted.

PATROL Flashing Sounders – combined audible and visual alarms:

  • Enhance safety with alarms that are seen and heard.
  • Utilize flashing strobes with higher energy/visibility.
  • 80 pre-programmed tones, up to 4 different events
  • Separate control of horns and strobes
  • Superior sound penetration and coverage
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Fast, easy and safe to install

Click here to view our Marine Industry Datasheet.

Click here for more information about MED certification and to discover our certified Marine Fire Alarm Systems.

Pfannenberg, Inc. is a global manufacturer of Signaling Technologies, Thermal Management, and Liquid Cooling Solutions.

Pfannenberg is proud to provide solutions as a single source to its customers. Our business philosophy – Protection for man, machine and the environment

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